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Gin with a Twist

Like drinking Gin? Like hearing about Gin? This is definitely the evening for you.

The amazing folks at Ford's Gin, an independent London based distiller, teamed up with the excellent staff at Stillwater in Wandsworth to put on an evening of cocktails and history.

Our host took us through the history of gin in seven cocktails, each with a story attached. This was no dry history lesson, the drink came alive through the people and stories behind such classics as the martini and Singapore Sling.

It was all pitched in the sweet spot between scholarly history and entertainment, delivered with real enthusiasm and passion for all things gin. As the cocktails stacked up, we were even given the option of customising our own with the addition of some orange zest, olives and even a pickled onion!

The gin booklet that came with the evening was smartly put together, informative and entertaining to read. Given the amount of information that was delivered alongside the alcohol, this was a great idea as something to take home.

The evening overall, lasting about an hour, would serve as a perfect start to a night out or a pre-dinner drinks experience for friends or couples. Definitely recommended and a huge thank you to Love Popups London for organising the evening.