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Bollywood Brunch lights up Camden

This is my second blog post on alternative weekend lunches; this one is for those who prefer more music, colour and great food to the local pub.

Held at 12:00 at Miusan in Camden, an hour of free, fruity cocktails helped kick things off.

There were plenty of Bollywood tunes from movies such as Kaho Na Pyar Hai and Kutch Kutch Hota Hai as well as classic RnB and Desi beats.

Our started was a tasty vegetarian dish and both vegetarian and meat mains were offered.

The first entertainment arrived in the form of two dancers who somehow negotiated the narrow spaces between the tables to put on a vibrant display.

Our main was a chicken and rice biriyani type dish served with an amazing but fiery hot sauce - if you like it hot, pile it on if not proceed with caution!

After the main course the entertainment continued with some drummers who created an impressive and loud atmosphere.

So how to sum it up? If you like Indian food, music, dancing and cocktails, definitely give it go. It's certainly a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Camden. Thanks to Love Pop Ups London for the ticket!